Cultivated in the heart of Los Angeles, California, MIND AFTER MIDNIGHT is inspired by the transformative self-exploration, discovery, and growth that transpires through the use of psychedelic medicines.

Dedicating over a decade of work to mainstream media, allowed us to witness first-hand how creativity is being controlled and limited, rather than allowed to authentically flow. This atmosphere where superficial personas are fueled and by instant gratification is glorified does not allow for self-expressive creativity to thrive, leaving many artists feeling unfulfilled, for this simple reason:

The metrics used to measure commercial success are ego-driven, but there are no metrics that can be used to measure spiritual success as it is determined by the feeling of interconnectivity that it creates.

We want to change that.



Mind After Midnight is not just a sound, it is the internal stimulation and experience it creates when introduced to your senses.

It is the ebb and flow of the ocean waves being controlled by the moonlit sky, fluidity.

It is the pathway for love as it is constantly in transit emerging from our true essence to all things outside of us, authenticity.

The intricate web of a million dreams and desires woven together as they stand by waiting to be manifested, intent.

A mixtape for the modern-day psychonaut as they voyage throughout the cosmos, self-awareness.

An ode to the late-night overthinker gazing into the abyss of their mind as the abyss gazes back, self-reflection.


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